A lesson I learned about encouragement


One day a young lady called me to tell me about an experience she had with someone. During that conversation she made a simple statement that was so powerful it caused me to re-evaluate myself.

She said “She told me how pretty I was and how much potential I have and it felt good to be encouraged and not bashed.”

Now, You may be wondering how was that able to make me re-evaluate myself, but hear me out on this one….

When I defined the word I learned that encouragement is emphasizing someones strengths. Pointing out the good in a person in an attempt to get them to see it for themselves.

When looked at myself I realized that many times friends would look to me for advice. I would assume my advice was encouraging them, however most times it was focused on what they “shouldn’t” do or what “I wouldn’t” do.

That simple statement showed me that 9 times out of 10 I was actually hurting people more than I was helping them.


Well it is a proven fact that excessive correction breaks the spirit. Not only is it in the bible, but think about how you feel when someone is constantly telling you what you’re doing wrong? Not good right? You feel bad about yourself and what you may have done.

So what am I saying?

The next time you have the opportunity to encourage a person be sure to not harp on what they shouldn’t do, or what you wouldn’t do. Truly encourage them… Emphasize their strengths and all the good that is in them. Let them know they can do xyz because you know they are (Insert strengths).

Remember its never about WHAT you say and all about HOW you say it.

I hope this encourages you to be an encouragement to someone else…

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What is a Style Personality??

Five women

What is a style personality and why is it important

Your style of dress that is based on your personality, career/life goals and who you aspire to become.

Dressing according to your own style personality promotes confidence, high self-esteem and satisfaction.

It is vital to your overall image/ 1st impressions

We live in a visual world and your style of dress can determine how people will interact with you

3 Tips to creating your style personality

Get to know yourself: The way you dress should reflect your tastes, interests, desires and aspirations. Knowing yourself and your goals is crucial to making style choices that are consistent with your lifestyle.

Know your body type: Let’s be honest, every woman wants a figure 8 but unfortunately we all don’t have 1. Knowing your body type type allows you to dress in styles that flatter YOUR figure and not someone else’s. I am 6’2, I cannot wear the same thing as my 5’7 friend. Also I have a slim figure (no figure 8 here), So thinking I can wear the same thing as my super curvy friend is a set up for fashion disaster. What I can do is use her style as inspiration to recreate the look in my own way. Which leads to my last point….

Look for inspiration: If you are attracted to someone’s specific style of dress learn ways to recreate it to work for you. That may mean if your more of a slim figured woman instead of mimicking Beyoncé’s entire purple A-line skirt with a yellow lace top outfit you can do a circle skirt in the same color. Then you will have successfully recreated a look you love but in a way that is flattering for you.

Now that you know what a style personality is… In the comments below tell me what does your style personality say about you?

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Say NO to racoon eyes!!

Eyeliner blog email pic

Applying eyeliner is an essential part of a woman’s makeup regimen. It opens up the eyes and it draws attention to one of the most beautiful features of her face.

But the downside is that moment of horror…… You know what Im talking about… When you glance in the mirror and realize your eyeliner has traveled to the corner of your eye and is making its way down your face!!

Trust me I’ve been there too. I know perfecting your eyeliner can often feel like a losing battle—but it doesn’t have to be. Instead of getting frustrated or deciding to stop wearing it all together, learn how to make your eyeliner last with these 5 simple tips.


1. The cheaper they are the more they flee!! The cheaper brands that you find in drugstores or beauty supply stores are ok, but they are more likely to run. Buy one high end brand and keep it for the important occasions and then, you can use the cheaper brands for day to day use.

2. Cleanliness is next to perfect eyeliner-ness Always cleanse your skin before applying makeup. Your skin is constantly producing natural oils picking up dirt and grime. If you apply your eyeliner over that, it won’t adhere properly and it is more likely to run or smudge.

3. Waterproof liner They glide right on for a smooth application, but won’t smudge or fade as the day goes on

4. Set it and forget it An effective way to stop your liner from running is to set it with an eye shadow. Use a thin brush to apply some eye shadow of the same color over the top of your eyeliner and it will set the eyeliner and help to keep it in place, even if it gets a bit damp.

5. Skip applying moisturizer to your eyelids When moisturizing the rest of your face keep it away from your eyes. There’s no point in cleaning the skin around your eyes and then applying moisturizer to your eyelids, because it will have the same effect as your natural oils do and the eyeliner will smear and smudge.

So… Are you saying NO to raccoon eyes??

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Are you REALLY moisturizing??

Are you REALLY moisturizing??


Most of us hear “moisturize” and immediately assume putting lotion on dry skin. Unfortunately, those of us who think that are wrong!

Moisture is water (not lotion oil etc) Moisturizers (lotions oils etc) “attract” moisture and protect your skin by forming a “barrier” that keeps in the water that is already there.

In order to properly moisturize you must apply your product while your skin is damp.

I suggest applying your moisturizer immediately after your showers and washing your face. This way your face is moist and you can  retain the moisture that is already there.  

Below are the 3 basic skin types and what type of moisturizer is best for each

1. Dry skin- moisturizing ointment

2. Oily skin – lotion (less greasy)

3. Sensitive skin- ( avoid fragrance, dyes they irritate)

If you follow this simple step you will be on your way to healthy moisturific ( Yup I made that up) skin!!!

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