Are you REALLY moisturizing??

Are you REALLY moisturizing??


Most of us hear “moisturize” and immediately assume putting lotion on dry skin. Unfortunately, those of us who think that are wrong!

Moisture is water (not lotion oil etc) Moisturizers (lotions oils etc) “attract” moisture and protect your skin by forming a “barrier” that keeps in the water that is already there.

In order to properly moisturize you must apply your product while your skin is damp.

I suggest applying your moisturizer immediately after your showers and washing your face. This way your face is moist and you can  retain the moisture that is already there.  

Below are the 3 basic skin types and what type of moisturizer is best for each

1. Dry skin- moisturizing ointment

2. Oily skin – lotion (less greasy)

3. Sensitive skin- ( avoid fragrance, dyes they irritate)

If you follow this simple step you will be on your way to healthy moisturific ( Yup I made that up) skin!!!

So lets chat!! Are you REALLY moisturizing?? In the comments below share your current regimen and  if this article has helped you!

Until next time,

Stay Fabulous!


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