Say NO to racoon eyes!!

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Applying eyeliner is an essential part of a woman’s makeup regimen. It opens up the eyes and it draws attention to one of the most beautiful features of her face.

But the downside is that moment of horror…… You know what Im talking about… When you glance in the mirror and realize your eyeliner has traveled to the corner of your eye and is making its way down your face!!

Trust me I’ve been there too. I know perfecting your eyeliner can often feel like a losing battle—but it doesn’t have to be. Instead of getting frustrated or deciding to stop wearing it all together, learn how to make your eyeliner last with these 5 simple tips.


1. The cheaper they are the more they flee!! The cheaper brands that you find in drugstores or beauty supply stores are ok, but they are more likely to run. Buy one high end brand and keep it for the important occasions and then, you can use the cheaper brands for day to day use.

2. Cleanliness is next to perfect eyeliner-ness Always cleanse your skin before applying makeup. Your skin is constantly producing natural oils picking up dirt and grime. If you apply your eyeliner over that, it won’t adhere properly and it is more likely to run or smudge.

3. Waterproof liner They glide right on for a smooth application, but won’t smudge or fade as the day goes on

4. Set it and forget it An effective way to stop your liner from running is to set it with an eye shadow. Use a thin brush to apply some eye shadow of the same color over the top of your eyeliner and it will set the eyeliner and help to keep it in place, even if it gets a bit damp.

5. Skip applying moisturizer to your eyelids When moisturizing the rest of your face keep it away from your eyes. There’s no point in cleaning the skin around your eyes and then applying moisturizer to your eyelids, because it will have the same effect as your natural oils do and the eyeliner will smear and smudge.

So… Are you saying NO to raccoon eyes??

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