Are you joining us for the Beauty Basics workshop?



Are you joining me at the Beauty Basics workshop??

Learning how to perfect your everyday look isn’t always easy. Sometimes we just need

someone to show us what and how to do it. Trust me I know…. I’ve been there!

 Because I’ve been there I decided to create a  workshop to help you learn what you need to know about  creating a look that works for you.

Maybe what you want a more “natural” look but all you see is the cake faces and it makes you not even want to try.

I get it…. I was there, but I  decided to learn how to perfect what works for me.

 Now I want to help you do the same!

As a bonus you’ll also learn how to tie a headwrap.  I bet you want to learn that too…..

Go ahead and register for the Beauty Basics “Headwraps and Flawless Beats”


I can guarantee you will leave this event with all there is to know about creating a flawless look!

Did I mention this event is free?

Reserve your seat today!  Space is limited!

Stay Fabulous,


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