Black Opal Product Review


Hey Beauties!!

So I purchased Black Opal’s oil absorbing pressed powder a few weeks ago and I am finally ready to review!

I was a little skeptical because I had never purchased from them.  I wasn’t sure what color would match and if it would blend well with my skin. I gave it a shot anyway………

When I originally  purchased it I was going to use it as a blot powder to absorb any oil my skin produced throughout  the day. But, I decided to use it as a setting powder over my liquid foundation  and boy oh boy was that an excellent  choice.

My skin stayed matte and smooth the entire day! The color I chose was classic espresso and it matched me perfectly ( their colors are true).
I advise any woman of color to purchase this product and keep it on hand. It is a great for everyday use and you can put your more expensive  brands on the shelf for special occasions! I bought mine for about $10 (affordable & good quality)

Grab yours here👉 Black Opal oil absorbing  pressed powder

Know of any other awesome brands? Leave me a comment below!

Stay Fabulous


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