Beauty| 5 Tips to looking your best EVERDAY!!

5 Tips to looking your best EVERDAY!!


 5. Create a personal uniform

Personal uniforms are our friends. They save time and alleviate the stress of finding the right outfit. You already know you love to wear slacks, a simple tee and a blazer < < < Example


4. Prepare EVERYTHING the night before

Clothes, accessories, makeup, lunch, snacks, EVERYTHING!!

Your mornings should be no prep and all GRAB & GO!


3. Set reminder alarms on your phone!

If you have to leave by 7:30am set an alarm at 7:00 and 7:15 to remind yourself that it’s almost time to leave. It will cause you to check the time and see just how much longer you have.

 2. Create a makeup regimen that enhances your natural beauty versus a full coverage beat.




1. Wake up early and spend time alone meditating/ preparing for the day

Rushing is caused by getting out of bed at the last minute. Rushing leads to anxiety, pressure and avoidable mishaps, a not so good morning and then it will impact the rest of your day. Spend a few minutes of quiet in a calming space. Doing so will change the way you respond to time constraints or the inevitable issues that may arise.

Share your comments and time saving tips below!!







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