Faith|It’s easy to love those you like what about those you don’t?

Ladies, Isn’t it so simple to love and be kind to those that hold a special place in our hearts and/or life? But what about those that don’t??

Those are the difficult people that seem to know how to push every bad button in our body! Those that can get on and DESTROY the last nerve we’ll ever own. Those are the people we tend to avoid at all costs. Truly, those are the ones that need love the most, but how can you love them when they seem SOOOOOOO UNLOVEABLE?? 🤔😩

Here are a few tips I found while reading my bible….

1. Try to understand many people are ruled by emotions! Most times they don’t even realize it. Your ability to understand will give you an advantage  in the situation and it will allow you to deal with them better without taking offense.

2. Pick your battles! Jesus didn’t attend every argument he was invited to. (Read John 8:2-11 and John 8:45-47) He knew when to address people and when to remain silent. Since we have the mind of Christ we can too.

3. Don’t hold grudges! Leviticus 19:18 Nowadays people expect you to hold a grudge against them. Show your love by treating difficult people the same even after they’ve caused you grief. Not only will it shock them but it’ll show that your level of maturity is above theirs.

Now will these be easy peasy? Absolutely not!! But knowing is better than not.. Once you know better you do better.

Also, read Luke 6:27-36 to further understand the importance of handling difficult people the right way.

How do you handle difficult people? Comment below





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