Putting your best face forward


There’s nothing worse than not having the time to look your best everyday!! Who enjoys or even wants to go out when they’re not 100% comfortable with their looks. Whether it’s your clothes, makeup or hair as women looking good is what we do. Here are 3 tips to ensuring you put your best face forward every day!!

1.       Plan your look the night before

Whether you have small children or love to sleep in, trying to prep in the morning can be the most daunting task of them all. This will cause you to opt for anything just to get out of the house in time. Do yourself a favor… Plan your look in advance. There’s a saying that goes a little something like this… “Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance”.. And so it goes even with how we step out the house.

 2.       Alarms are your friend

Set an alarm that warns you when it’s almost time to go. I have an alarm set to ring about 15 mins before I have to leave my house. Not only to keep me on track and moving at a rate that will ensure I’m on time, but also to keep my daughter on track.  

3.       Simplify your makeup routine

Make sure that your makeup routine is simple but still enhances your beauty. Choose your favorite features and enhance them instead of trying to glam it all at once. If you’re an entrepreneur or corporate professional less is really more.  Save the highlight and contour for evenings or weekends when you have more time.

There you have it!! 3 simple tips to ensure you can put your best face forward everyday.  Share your tips in the comments below!!

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Be YOU!!


Eyebrows… Eyebrows… be all about them!!

Eyebrows may seem unimportant, like they’re just a barrier to stop dirt and sweat from getting into your eyes, but………from a beauty stand point they’re so much more!!

In my opinion eyebrows are one of (if not THE) most important features and keeping them well-groomed is important. Here are 3 reasons why:

1.       They frame/ Shape your face

 2.       They bring out your eyes

 3.       You can go foundation free and still look great with well- groomed brows

 Check out this tutorial on how to shape your brows in 4 simple steps:


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Matte VS Gloss

Let’s face it. .matte is taking over!! From lipsticks, glosses and even nail polish, Matte is the 1st lipstick choice for many. But…  don’t count Gloss out just yet.  Gloss had been around for ages and has some pretty good benefits.  

Check out my take on the 2 below:

Matte Pros and Cons

Matte lip colors give a sophisticated, intense and full coverage look. Most times its absolutely gorgeous and it stays on longer than other formula 


It can be extremely drying and can give your lips the look of being dehydrated and even shriveled.  Matte is a BIG NO for women with smaller lips, or looking to create fuller supple lips. 

Gloss Pros and Cons 

Gloss is a lip color that adds shine, moisture and fullness. Gloss always has a way of giving your lips a youthful supple appearance.


It doesn’t have a long wear life so you’ll need to reapply frequently. 

When shopping for your new gloss check the label for key words that give you clues of the wear time.  Words like luster, lacquer, gel and glass typically mean long wear. Crystal, wet, transparent, glaze or juicy usually mean they’re super shiny but they have a shorter wear time. 

So there you have it! Matte VS Gloss…..

Which one do you prefer? Leave your comments below!





Yes you can be foundation free!!

Many times we think we can’t look fabulous if we leave the house without a full face of makeup.  The truth this that’s a LIE!

I’ve mastered the art of stepping out foundation free and still look fabulous!

Here’s how

1. Maintain healthy skin

Healthy skin is a necessity, makeup is a choice! It always helps when you go foundation free. Create a daily routine and stick to it!

2. Focus on what matters most

Eyebrows- They shape your face

Eyelashes- They make your eyes pop

Wearing lipstick- makes your look at little fancier

3. Add accessories

Throwing on a pair of shades or specks will take the focus from your bare skin and enhance your look with a little personality. 

So there you have it! Simple tips to go shamelessly bare faced! If you have any tips to add comment below!




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