Yes you can be foundation free!!

Many times we think we can’t look fabulous if we leave the house without a full face of makeup.  The truth this that’s a LIE!

I’ve mastered the art of stepping out foundation free and still look fabulous!

Here’s how

1. Maintain healthy skin

Healthy skin is a necessity, makeup is a choice! It always helps when you go foundation free. Create a daily routine and stick to it!

2. Focus on what matters most

Eyebrows- They shape your face

Eyelashes- They make your eyes pop

Wearing lipstick- makes your look at little fancier

3. Add accessories

Throwing on a pair of shades or specks will take the focus from your bare skin and enhance your look with a little personality. 

So there you have it! Simple tips to go shamelessly bare faced! If you have any tips to add comment below!




Shanae šŸ˜˜



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