Eyebrows… Eyebrows… be all about them!!

Eyebrows may seem unimportant, like they’re just a barrier to stop dirt and sweat from getting into your eyes, but………from a beauty stand point they’re so much more!!

In my opinion eyebrows are one of (if not THE) most important features and keeping them well-groomed is important. Here are 3 reasons why:

1.       They frame/ Shape your face

 2.       They bring out your eyes

 3.       You can go foundation free and still look great with well- groomed brows

 Check out this tutorial on how to shape your brows in 4 simple steps:


If you want to learn how to enhance your beauty contact me for a free consultation. Let’s discuss your beauty needs and how I can teach you to meet them in easy to follow, inexpensive and time saving steps. Submit a contact form and I’ll be happy to help!! Contact Me Today


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