Personal Responsibility, a VITAL key to freedom

How often have you found yourself thinking “If only this didn’t happen, my life would be so much better!”

Or maybe, there are times you find yourself talking about what someone has or hasn’t done, to or for you and how it has negatively impacted the course of your life.

I’m guilty of it too. There was a time where all I said was “If so and so did” and “Because I didn’t have something I needed in my early years, my life has now come to this.”

This is all a part of our human experience. It is so easy to point the blame and to relish is the wrongs that have been done to us but at some point, if we want to lead a better life, we have to take personal responsibility for where we are now and make better choices to be where we want to be in the future.

In the interview below I chat with Schan B. Ellis about the importance of taking personal responsibility for where you are. I even provide tips on HOW.

Check out the interview and let me know what you think in the comments.

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