Beauty Tips EVERY woman needs

So often life happens and us women put ourselves and our looks on the back burner. Many times all it takes is a good beauty tip and a reminder to put forth the effort to look our best to get us back on track. Today, I am here as your Beauty Coach, to get you off the back burner and to give you some tips/ reminders to put your skin care and makeup needs as a daily priority because they are just important as many of the things we place before them.

These 3 beauty tips are super simple to implement in your daily routine and you can even implement them now! Check them out below!

1. Maintain a healthy skin care routine
I always tell my clients “healthy skin precedes a flawless beat” and it does. Using makeup to cover bad skin will only cause more bad skin so it is important to maintain a skin care routine that works for you.
One easy routine to begin and maintain is to sash and moisturize your face 2xs daily. In the morning use water and at night use a pore cleanser that will remove any makeup or dirt build up
2. Know your skin type
Knowing your skin type ensures you ’re using products that are right for YOU. They will work the best with your skin type and will create a look that is just right!
Check out this chart below to help determine what type of skin you have
So, what type of skin do you have? Oily, Combination, Normal or Dry?
3. Be consistent and practice! Practice makes PERFECT!!

Many we will start out taking good care of our skin and then one day we just fall off. Or we’ll try to apply our makeup and when we don’t come out looking like a celeb we give up! Being consistent and practicing truly makes perfect. It took consistency, practice, and patience for me to learn how to properly care for my skin and how to apply my own makeup (let alone someone else’s). It’s the same process for you! So be consistent, take your time and try try again! I promise you can do this!!!

I hope these tips help you put your BEST face forward EVERYDAY!!!

Got tips to share? Share them in the comments below!



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