Beauty Basics the E-Course


Beauty Basics the E-course
The beginners guide to an everyday flawless look

Are you frustrated with your current makeup routine?

Maybe you WANT to wear makeup but don’t know how?

Struggling with matching your foundation and choosing the RIGHT products for your skin type?

Are you finding it difficult to apply your makeup and achieve the FLAWLESS look???????

If so you’ve definitely found the right person to help you!!


As a makeup artist my goal is not to simply apply makeup, but to teach you how to apply it for yourself.

I believe every woman should know how to present herself in a way that boosts her self-esteem and builds her confidence.

So I created this online workshop to help you do just that!!


In my 3 part video series you will learn everything about:

1. Makeup application tools( What to use and how)

2. Matching your foundation (How to find what color and what product is best for you)

3. My simple yet flawless everyday makeup routine in 8 easy steps.

4. Learn to create your OWN personalized makeup routine, enhance your natural beauty AND boost your confidence at the same time.

As a bonus, you will gain access to my private Facebook group. In this group you will

have 24 hour access to my step by step personalized LIVE makeup tutorials,

product reviews for all skin types, makeup giveaways, daily makeup tips and weekly personal Q&A sessions.

This is more than what a YouTube tutorial can EVER give you!!

Nobody is doing ANYTHING like this!!


Makeup sessions with me can run $200 per session

But you can get access to the same information (plus additional bonuses) with an investment of $37

What to expect???

 EXPECT: Step by step easy to follow instructions

EXPECT: To learn how to enhance your natural beauty

  EXPECT : A boost in your self-esteem and confidence in your everyday look


Why am I doing this workshop??

Because I believe looking good doesn’t have to take long and be complicated. Nor does it have to cost you an arm AND a leg…..

You don’t need 100 products to be flawless!!

I know there is a simpler way, (than what you may see) to achieve the same results and I want to share them with you! You DESERVE to know!!!

So invest in your future flawless self and sign up for Beauty Basics the E-Course below: $37

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Still unsure if this course is for you?? Check out these client testimonials

“Shanae’s tutorials are simple and very easy to follow.” Gousalya S

“Shanae’s tutorial helped me a lot, especially how to choose my foundation, skin type and all.” Patricia R

“Shanae has a fun personality that helped me to feel more comfortable. She is knowledgeable about different skin tones and types. She knows what colors are going to work well with you . I would book her again.” Cassondra R

“My experience was wonderful, she taught me useful tips on how to upkeep my makeup and natural look with different products. She’s very nice and fun and I loved her personality. She’s very affordable and would be booking her again for sure!!! She’s done a great natural look and I love it” Tammy S

“Shanae is a phenomenal MUA in the triangle area, beautiful artistry and very accommodating! Will definitely book again!” Victoria V

“I met Shanae through a mutual friend and she is very professional and takes what she does seriously. She left me feeling beautiful and confident.” Torra W



So go ahead and invest in your future flawlessness!

You deserve to look, feel and be your best

You will be directed to the E-Course immediately!!

Sounds awesome right??!!

Reserve your spot below: $37

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