Beauty Tips EVERY woman needs

So often life happens and us women put ourselves and our looks on the back burner. Many times all it takes is a good beauty tip and a reminder to put forth the effort to look our best to get us back on track. Today, I am here as your Beauty Coach, to get you off the back burner and to give you some tips/ reminders to put your skin care and makeup needs as a daily priority because they are just important as many of the things we place before them.

These 3 beauty tips are super simple to implement in your daily routine and you can even implement them now! Check them out below!

1. Maintain a healthy skin care routine
I always tell my clients “healthy skin precedes a flawless beat” and it does. Using makeup to cover bad skin will only cause more bad skin so it is important to maintain a skin care routine that works for you.
One easy routine to begin and maintain is to sash and moisturize your face 2xs daily. In the morning use water and at night use a pore cleanser that will remove any makeup or dirt build up
2. Know your skin type
Knowing your skin type ensures you ’re using products that are right for YOU. They will work the best with your skin type and will create a look that is just right!
Check out this chart below to help determine what type of skin you have
So, what type of skin do you have? Oily, Combination, Normal or Dry?
3. Be consistent and practice! Practice makes PERFECT!!

Many we will start out taking good care of our skin and then one day we just fall off. Or we’ll try to apply our makeup and when we don’t come out looking like a celeb we give up! Being consistent and practicing truly makes perfect. It took consistency, practice, and patience for me to learn how to properly care for my skin and how to apply my own makeup (let alone someone else’s). It’s the same process for you! So be consistent, take your time and try try again! I promise you can do this!!!

I hope these tips help you put your BEST face forward EVERYDAY!!!

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Makeup Myths


I’ve learned there are 4 main beliefs women have about makeup:

1. It’s hard

2. It’s time-consuming

3. It’s expensive

4. It’s unnecessary

The truth is:

1. With patience and practice, you CAN learn to do your own makeup, and do it well.

2. It doesn’t have to take forever to apply.

3. You CAN do it all without paying an arm and a leg on products and lessons.

4. Lastly, it’s NOT a necessity but wearing makeup does boost confidence and esteem. It has a way of enhancing not only how you look but also how you feel about yourself.

If you are a professional woman, wearing makeup, even lightly should be a part of your presentation. It shows that you take the time to present the best version of yourself to the world.  And That’s the kind of woman people want to do business with.

What are some beliefs you have about makeup? Post them and any questions you have in the comments below!

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Hold On Girl, Let Him Get “It” Through You

One of the ladies that purchased my new book sent me this message:


“So I’m sitting here reading and you have no idea the doors in my mind that your first chapter on fear has unlocked. Shenanigans WOMANNNN I love you so much I’m in tears!”

So often when we find ourselves facing hard seasons in our lives, we believe it’s a bad thing or because of something bad or wrong with us.  And we can even go so far as to believe that we are the only ones dealing with hard stuff.   The truth is, God could be trying to do a work through us.

One day, when I felt like I was mentally and emotionally at my lowest I heard the Holy Spirit say “If only God can get something through you”. I’ve held on to those words and since I released my book (This Is NOT My Life! 10 Steps to Overcoming Fear and Adversity) He has proven himself to be faithful! And when I receive messages like this, it just reminds me that God is using all of the pain I experienced during one of the hardest seasons of my life for a purpose greater than I could’ve ever imagined… And for that I am grateful!

Let this encourage you today, and serve as a reminder to Hold on girl! Let Him get it through you! Whatever the “it” may be in your life, let God get it through you!

For more encouragement, check out Brian Courtney Wilson’s song “A Great Work”. It has truly been an inspiration and blessing to me. It serves as a reminder of what God is doing in my life even when it doesn’t feel that way.

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3 Questions Every Female Speaker Should Ask Herself Before Going On Stage

As a speaker, your visual presentation is JUST as important as your oral presentation and content! 

With the number of speakers constantly on the rise, it’s important that when you go to speak at different engagements you not only provide great content to your audience but you do so in excellence ensuring you are looking the part!

I’ve compiled 3 questions every female speaker should ask herself BEFORE going on stage to ensure she not ONLY shows up…. but, that her visual presentation is on point allowing her to make a great and lasting impression!

1. What is the environment?? Casual, Creative or Corporate?

Know your environment

Knowing your environment will give you an idea on their style of dress and that will be your clue on how you dress. The last thing you want to do is show up underdressed at a corporate function or overdressed speaking to students. If you’re unsure visit their website for clues on their dress code.

2. Who’s my audience? CEO’s, Business Professionals, Students, Children?

Know your audience

People want to know that you can relate to them so it’s IMPERATIVE that you know EXACTLY who you’re talking to. You want to show up looking like you know what you’re talking about and looking the part. When booking your engagements ask the question What type of audience will I be speaking to? Do your research to ensure you can APPEAR relatable. Remember this is ALL about LOOKING the part!!

3. Am I overdoing it with makeup and accessories?

Less is more!

The goal is to look like yourself with a little more UMPH!! Your makeup should give you an evenly smooth complexion but you also want to look polished and NATURAL. Heavy overdone makeup can give off the wrong impression and too many accessories can be flashy and SUPER distracting. So be sure to keep it light…. Literally!

Asking yourself these 3 questions will point you in the right direction to ensuring you are presenting your entire self at your best!

Have questions on how to successfully show up at a speaking engagement?

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Fear how did you get here?

Many times, fear begins as a thought, which is a seed that is planted in our subconscious mind because of our experiences, or something we’ve read or heard and believed about ourselves. The thing about it is that it doesn’t even need to be true. Just like a plant, all it needs is a seed and water and it will begin to grow roots.

Check out the interview below. In it, Roshonda Blackmon and I share how fear gained access into our lives and the ways we learned to address it.

Be sure to order a signed copy of my new book here: This Is NOT My Life! 10 Steps to Overcoming Fear and Adversity 

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Do I really have what it takes??

Three months ago I began a new job with a women’s prison ministry and although I was ecstatic for the opportunity I was also scared. I knew I was supposed to be there. God had lead me to the job posting and even got me through the extensive interview process without a hitch. Coming from a corporate background with only volunteer experience in the non-profit sector I felt inadequate in the beginning. All of my coworkers seemed so educated, knowledgeable and confident but all I felt was “OMGosh what if I fail?” “What if I don’t meet the standards and or get along with everyone?”

I remember after a few days of studying the words I heard them using that I didn’t understand, praying and asking God ” Why do I feel this way? I thought this would feel different!” And I heard Him respond as clear as day “Are you a social worker?” I started to crack up laughing because I realized that I went into my new job trying to take on the nature of my coworkers when all I was supposed to do was go there and be me. My feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, and fear caused me to attempt to put on a hat that couldn’t fit and I didn’t even like.

New opportunities, as great as they are, can often times bring on performance anxiety and fear. We have to remember when walking in new beginnings that God qualifies us to be where we are because of who we are. He never intends for us to be anything other than who and what He creates us to be.

Thankfully, I’ve learned to be comfortable being me and that has been good enough!

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Be fearLESS




Fear of opinions? No way!

Fearing people is a dangerous trap but trusting the Lord means safety.

Proverbs 29:25

Let’s be honest, we’ve all had times where we wondered what someone may have thought about what we said, did or even wore. Many times we’ll make up this whole scenario in our heads about it too. But we can never be too sure what people truly “think” about us and or why. Most people form opinions about others through the lens of their own insecurities and because of that their opinions can be bias and false. Sometimes we can trick ourselves to believe that people have formed opinions about us based on our own insecurities. We’ll make a mistake and wonder “OMG did she see me do that? I wonder what she thinks?” or if there’s been a tidbit of gossip circulating about us,I wonder if she heard such and such about me?”

Fearing people and their opinions can cause us to act in ways that we hope will ensure their approval of us, even if they’re ungodly. If we’re not careful we can allow that fear to create feelings of inadequacy, rejection, and anxiety. Truthfully, we are all flawed in some way shape or form. Even the most perfect looking person, with the most perfect looking life, has their fair share of issues.

When it comes to worrying or even fearing other people’s opinions keep this in mind…

Your insecurities are based on 100% of your flaws, flaws that other people may not even be privy to. And in case they are, who cares? They have flaws too!

When thoughts of what people think about you try to rise up in your mind tell yourself this…

“Man can’t validate what he didn’t create!”

Then remind yourself of what your Creator has said about you. God’s truth about us trumps the opinion of others and even our own opinions about ourselves. I mean He did create us, clearly, He knows us best.

Don’t allow yourself to get caught up fearing what people may think about you. Trust who and what God says about you. He thought you were special and good just the way you are and you’re safe with Him.

The LORD is for me so I will have no fear. What can mere people do to me?

Psalms 118:6

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Fear vs Faith

Fear is a faith LESS sin. “Fear not” and “Do not fear” are all commands/ directives given by God in scripture multiple times, Yet, fear is usually our first response to an issue, problem or difficult situation. I know this because, for a large majority of my life, I lived from a subconscious place of fear. Fear of rejection, fear of something being wrong with me, fear of something bad happening in my life, you name it and there’d always be an opportunity to fear.

“Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.” Isaiah 41:10

Fear is NOT a normal response to life’s issues for a believer. Because fear itself shows a lack of faith in God’s promises and provisions. Faith is the only response to fear and the only way to truly overcome it.

How? Confidently trust in and rely on God. Go to Him in prayer and read His Word, rest in what He promises and believe that He will do what He says.

It may not always be EASY but it sure is POSSIBLE!

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Summer Time Fine: Everyday Makeup

Hey ladies!

So as you all know… 90 degree weather and makeup just DONT mix!!

Last weekend I recorded my latest tutorial on my everyday makeup routine for the Summer time. Click below to learn how to slay your foundation, eyebrows, lashes and lips even in the heat!

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