Master the Match

 Do you feel overwhelmed shopping for beauty products?

Are you frustrated with trying to match foundation to your complexion ?

Have you given up on wearing makeup all together because it seems so complex?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Master the Match is the guide for you!


In this 32 page step-by-step guide you will learn:

  • Why women of color struggle with choosing and applying makeup
  • How to choose the RIGHT foundation for YOUR complexion
  • What brands cater to women of color

As a BONUS you will receive:

  • “The Perfect Match” an in-depth guide to help you choose which formula is best for YOUR skin
  • A step-by-step makeup application routine
  • Essential skin care & makeup application tips based on your skin type

Master the Match will answer all your foundation questions and more!!!

What are people saying about Master the Match??


“This guide was very informative for me because I don’t wear makeup. The steps are easy and she explained it very well.” Briana R

“This guide is AWESOME! It is very well written, provides clear instructions and something I will definitely take to the store with me when purchasing my foundation.” Michaela R

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