Hold On Girl, Let Him Get “It” Through You

One of the ladies that purchased my new book sent me this message:


“So I’m sitting here reading and you have no idea the doors in my mind that your first chapter on fear has unlocked. Shenanigans WOMANNNN I love you so much I’m in tears!”

So often when we find ourselves facing hard seasons in our lives, we believe it’s a bad thing or because of something bad or wrong with us.  And we can even go so far as to believe that we are the only ones dealing with hard stuff.   The truth is, God could be trying to do a work through us.

One day, when I felt like I was mentally and emotionally at my lowest I heard the Holy Spirit say “If only God can get something through you”. I’ve held on to those words and since I released my book (This Is NOT My Life! 10 Steps to Overcoming Fear and Adversity) He has proven himself to be faithful! And when I receive messages like this, it just reminds me that God is using all of the pain I experienced during one of the hardest seasons of my life for a purpose greater than I could’ve ever imagined… And for that I am grateful!

Let this encourage you today, and serve as a reminder to Hold on girl! Let Him get it through you! Whatever the “it” may be in your life, let God get it through you!

For more encouragement, check out Brian Courtney Wilson’s song “A Great Work”. It has truly been an inspiration and blessing to me. It serves as a reminder of what God is doing in my life even when it doesn’t feel that way.

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Fear how did you get here?

Many times, fear begins as a thought, which is a seed that is planted in our subconscious mind because of our experiences, or something we’ve read or heard and believed about ourselves. The thing about it is that it doesn’t even need to be true. Just like a plant, all it needs is a seed and water and it will begin to grow roots.

Check out the interview below. In it, Roshonda Blackmon and I share how fear gained access into our lives and the ways we learned to address it.

Be sure to order a signed copy of my new book here: This Is NOT My Life! 10 Steps to Overcoming Fear and Adversity 

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5 Ways to enhance your Self-Image

Self-Image is everything! 

The way we see ourselves determines the way we act, live and how we expect others to treat us!

Its important that YOU see you as beautiful, important and valuable before anyone else does.

Take this 4 Part journey with me as I give you 20 Ways to Enhance your Self-Image.

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Mental Wellness is IMPORTANT

Growing up I’ve always been afraid of “Mental Health”. The word and idea that you have these issues make many people feel their “crazy”. Me included! Last week a friend was telling me about a relative who was advised to seek mental health help and it made me anxious just thinking the type of “stigma” the person may be dealing with by being told to seek mental help!

When I got back to my desk at work I began to pray about my reason for being anxious about mental health and here is what God said to me…..

“Mental health isn’t something to be afraid of. It’s something you need to be intentional about. The enemy defeats so many people in their minds, which is how he defeats them in life.”

And just like that God helped me to see it from a different perspective.

The truth is anxiety, stress, depression and OCD’S are all forms of mental health issues. They are also common issues that many people deal with. Most people are too embarrassed to admit that they struggle so they walk around untreated and get progressively worse.


Here are some simple and practical tips to cultivating healthy mental wellness

1. Pray about your concerns/ worries/ anxieties

Praying about your issues may sound cliche and ineffective to some but I tell you from experience PRAYER WORKS!!  When I struggled with anxiety, depression, anger and fear it is prayer that gave me the strength I needed to push through.

2. Make a decision to not LET your emotions control your behaviors

We feel things all the time but acting on those feelings (or not) is a choice that we make. Keep in mind that just because you “FEEL” something doesn’t make it a good thing to do. Also, feelings lie! We can’t get so caught up in our emotions that we allow them to supersede our intelligence. Weigh your options, rationalize your thoughts/feelings with someone you trust before making decisions that can alter your life.

3. Meditate

More quiet time will allow you an opportunity to hear from God. When were dealing with busyness, racing thoughts etc. we can’t hear because He can’t get in!! Get away and spend some time getting quiet (on the inside) so that you can hear and release some of your tension.

4. Learn to enjoy life, family and friends

I know this may “SEEM” like the hardest thing to do when you’re struggling but it’s possible! Here are some things I had to do and  am still learning to do so that I can enjoy my life:

  • Get out the house and around friends
  • Laugh more/ Smile more
  • Don’t ALWAYS work so hard
  • Be OK with doing nothing
  • Have a daily date with yourself

It’s important that we take time for foster healthy mental wellness habits to ensure we are VICTORIOUS.

Do you have any healthy habits to add? I’d love to hear them! Leave them in the comments below.





Simplify your life!


Today, I wanted to share some practical ways that we can simplify our lives, avoid distractions and frustrations by prioritizing.

We live in a world that advises us to hustle and to do a gazillion things to get a head. These things can not only become distractions but they can seriously cause us to lose sight of priorities and cause unnecessary problems in our lives.

In order to simplify our lives we have to determine what things in our lives are activites and what things are priorities.

In Luke 10:41-42 Martha chose to make being a good hostess a priority but her sister Mary made sitting at Jesus feet and hearing what He had to say her priority. When Martha became frustrated (she was totally distracted and focused on the wrong things) and asked Jesus to check Mary for not helping her Jesus responded “Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her”

So what did Mary do that made her able to relax and keep it simple??

Made God and the things of God her priority

Sitting and learning from Jesus was more important to her than running around and being a good hostess.

The truth is without the presence of God nothing we attempt will be fruitful anyway. We should make it a habit to pray daily, seek guidance/direction 1st before moving throughout the day. Once we make being in God’s presence a priority we can make it a habit to live in His peace.

Today I am challenging you to make a list of activities and then make a separate list of priorities. This week be sure to put the priorities before the activities and watch how God moves in your life. I’m challenging myself too!!!

Share your tips to simplifying your life below!





Comparison.. The confidence killer

Comparison is a confidence killer

Many times when we see someone that looks nice or seemingly happy we subconsciously and consciously compare our circumstance, situations and even entire lives to their highlight reel.

What is a highlight reel?

It’s kind of like a movie trailer. Think about a new movie for a second. Normally when it comes out you’ll see a trailer of it online and on TV. They always show the best parts of the movie to get you excited, revved up and ready to run to the box office and go grab those tickets once the movie comes out. Sometimes we’ll watch the movie and we’ll realize that the only good part of it was the part that we saw in the trailer.

The truth is, we have no idea what a person may be going through. We have no idea what may be going on in their lives. Most times people are not going to tell you when things are not looking good in their lives. They’re going to show you the best parts because they want to appear happy and they want you to cheer for them. You may want to be happy but you don’t have to do that at the expense of your own confidence or ability to be comfortable with where we arein your own life.  

Trust me, I’ve been there! Constantly comparing where I was to where others were. It’s a painful and discouraging place to be and I eventually got tired of it!! Overcoming that comparison mindset is a process but, it’s necessary and doable. Here are 3 tips on how you too can overcome…

  1. Understand life is a PROCESS

Great things take time and nothing happens overnight. Everything requires work and patience.

  1. Trust that God CAN and WILL do it.

God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all you can ever ask or think Ephesians 3:20

3. Congratulate without comparing

Pray!! Get to a point where you can hear good news about someone else and you can genuinely congratulate them without allowing yourself to compare. I prayed!! I asked God to bless the person and to allow them to be successful and to allow me to be able to be genuinely happy for them.

The next time you feel inadequate ask yourself “Have I been comparing or congratulating?”





Be SMART not envious!!


We tend to look at people and assume their process has been overnight or that they are in a better position than we are but the truth is we only get a glimpse of their highlight reel.

Don’t envy where someone else is!!

You don’t know how much has been given and how long it has taken for them to get to where they are.

Be SMART!! Take notes.. Anyone in a position higher than you can become your inadvertent teacher, someone you are able to learn from.




With Love,


Faith|It’s easy to love those you like what about those you don’t?

Ladies, Isn’t it so simple to love and be kind to those that hold a special place in our hearts and/or life? But what about those that don’t??

Those are the difficult people that seem to know how to push every bad button in our body! Those that can get on and DESTROY the last nerve we’ll ever own. Those are the people we tend to avoid at all costs. Truly, those are the ones that need love the most, but how can you love them when they seem SOOOOOOO UNLOVEABLE?? 🤔😩

Here are a few tips I found while reading my bible….

1. Try to understand many people are ruled by emotions! Most times they don’t even realize it. Your ability to understand will give you an advantage  in the situation and it will allow you to deal with them better without taking offense.

2. Pick your battles! Jesus didn’t attend every argument he was invited to. (Read John 8:2-11 and John 8:45-47) He knew when to address people and when to remain silent. Since we have the mind of Christ we can too.

3. Don’t hold grudges! Leviticus 19:18 Nowadays people expect you to hold a grudge against them. Show your love by treating difficult people the same even after they’ve caused you grief. Not only will it shock them but it’ll show that your level of maturity is above theirs.

Now will these be easy peasy? Absolutely not!! But knowing is better than not.. Once you know better you do better.

Also, read Luke 6:27-36 to further understand the importance of handling difficult people the right way.

How do you handle difficult people? Comment below





Beauty| 5 Tips to looking your best EVERDAY!!

5 Tips to looking your best EVERDAY!!


 5. Create a personal uniform

Personal uniforms are our friends. They save time and alleviate the stress of finding the right outfit. You already know you love to wear slacks, a simple tee and a blazer < < < Example


4. Prepare EVERYTHING the night before

Clothes, accessories, makeup, lunch, snacks, EVERYTHING!!

Your mornings should be no prep and all GRAB & GO!


3. Set reminder alarms on your phone!

If you have to leave by 7:30am set an alarm at 7:00 and 7:15 to remind yourself that it’s almost time to leave. It will cause you to check the time and see just how much longer you have.

 2. Create a makeup regimen that enhances your natural beauty versus a full coverage beat.




1. Wake up early and spend time alone meditating/ preparing for the day

Rushing is caused by getting out of bed at the last minute. Rushing leads to anxiety, pressure and avoidable mishaps, a not so good morning and then it will impact the rest of your day. Spend a few minutes of quiet in a calming space. Doing so will change the way you respond to time constraints or the inevitable issues that may arise.

Share your comments and time saving tips below!!