Matte VS Gloss

Let’s face it. .matte is taking over!! From lipsticks, glosses and even nail polish, Matte is the 1st lipstick choice for many. But…  don’t count Gloss out just yet.  Gloss had been around for ages and has some pretty good benefits.  

Check out my take on the 2 below:

Matte Pros and Cons

Matte lip colors give a sophisticated, intense and full coverage look. Most times its absolutely gorgeous and it stays on longer than other formula 


It can be extremely drying and can give your lips the look of being dehydrated and even shriveled.  Matte is a BIG NO for women with smaller lips, or looking to create fuller supple lips. 

Gloss Pros and Cons 

Gloss is a lip color that adds shine, moisture and fullness. Gloss always has a way of giving your lips a youthful supple appearance.


It doesn’t have a long wear life so you’ll need to reapply frequently. 

When shopping for your new gloss check the label for key words that give you clues of the wear time.  Words like luster, lacquer, gel and glass typically mean long wear. Crystal, wet, transparent, glaze or juicy usually mean they’re super shiny but they have a shorter wear time. 

So there you have it! Matte VS Gloss…..

Which one do you prefer? Leave your comments below!





The PERFECT bold red lip tutorial!!

Valentines is quickly approaching love birds

Whether your single, dating or married a BOLD red lip is ALWAYS the way to go.

Check out my tutorial on how to create the PERFECT bold red lip.

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