Foundation NO NO for women of color 

As a woman with melanin I’ve learned that everything on the market will NOT work well with our skin tone. It’s important that we know what products to use as well as what products to stay clear of.

Check out this tutorial to learn this one major NO NO and some alternatives.

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Do you have your own foundation NO-NO’s for WOC?? Share them in the comments below!!






Matte VS Gloss

Let’s face it. .matte is taking over!! From lipsticks, glosses and even nail polish, Matte is the 1st lipstick choice for many. But…  don’t count Gloss out just yet.  Gloss had been around for ages and has some pretty good benefits.  

Check out my take on the 2 below:

Matte Pros and Cons

Matte lip colors give a sophisticated, intense and full coverage look. Most times its absolutely gorgeous and it stays on longer than other formula 


It can be extremely drying and can give your lips the look of being dehydrated and even shriveled.  Matte is a BIG NO for women with smaller lips, or looking to create fuller supple lips. 

Gloss Pros and Cons 

Gloss is a lip color that adds shine, moisture and fullness. Gloss always has a way of giving your lips a youthful supple appearance.


It doesn’t have a long wear life so you’ll need to reapply frequently. 

When shopping for your new gloss check the label for key words that give you clues of the wear time.  Words like luster, lacquer, gel and glass typically mean long wear. Crystal, wet, transparent, glaze or juicy usually mean they’re super shiny but they have a shorter wear time. 

So there you have it! Matte VS Gloss…..

Which one do you prefer? Leave your comments below!





Get your GLOW ON GIRL!!©

Get your GLOW ON GIRL!!©

Have you ever wanted to learn how to create a GLOW??

Check out my Makeup 101: Get your GLOW ON GIRL!!© to learn how




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Product Review|Arbonne Eye shadow

Hey Beauties,

Last week I did an application/ review of Arbonne’s eyeshadow.

I received these eyeshadow’s  from a friend who is also an Arbonne independent distributor.

I used Sienna as my transition and crease color, and Amber for my eye lids.

1 thing I noticed is that the product was VERY light.. Almost as if it was barely there. The 2nd thing I noticed is it didn’t flake and it blended extremely well.

Overall, I absolutely LOOOVED it. I will definitely be adding this to my kit and list of “Fall Makeup Must-Haves”

Be sure to check out my full application and review video here 👉Arbonne application and review

Have you ever used Arbonne?? Comment your thoughts on this review in the comments below,

Until next time,




💜 Shanae

A BIG mistake I’ve been making

I like to consider myself a realist when it comes to a lot of things.

Then there is that part of me that loves to dream. About my future and how much my life will change… Soon!

But I HAVE to be honest with myself… And as much as I hate to admit it….  I am NOT a celebrity…. Yet (speaking it into existence)

But, when it comes to how we see and present ourselves we tend to compare ourselves to other. Not just regular others either.. Celebrity others!

Like, I may do a awesome makeup tutorial and see a well known YouTuber and totally discredit myself and my work because hers is so much better than mine.  Silly I know but I’ve recognized that I am not the only woman that does that.


Comparison is a super big confidence killer!!

The thing is.. I am a real woman working hard to reach my goals. I haven’t gotten to that status yet so how can I compare myself to someone that has?? Honestly, We are not yet on the same level.

It’s unfair to me for me to do that!

SOOO I’ve decided that I will no longer compare myself to others but instead I will embrace where I am and my journey and continue to grow into all God has created me to be. No bigger slap in Gods face then to wish to be where someone else is… Right??!!

I’m keeping my eyes on my own makeup! images5A5A7LEQ

So I have a question for you.. Who are you comparing yourself to?

Have any tips on avoiding comparisons?? Comment  below

Stay Confident!








Highlighters for women of color

I looooove a good highlighter that gives an ah-maaazing glow!!!

You may be wondering what a highlight is and why it’s so popular…


It began as a supermodel and Hollywood beauty secret but became popular after Kim Kardashian made it her signature look. (Thanks Kim)

Simply put it is a great makeup technique that creates a natural glow on your skin.

Check out my latest review of the 2 current highlighters I use
MAC Gold Deposit and Betty Loumanizer below

Black Opal Product Review


Hey Beauties!!

So I purchased Black Opal’s oil absorbing pressed powder a few weeks ago and I am finally ready to review!

I was a little skeptical because I had never purchased from them.  I wasn’t sure what color would match and if it would blend well with my skin. I gave it a shot anyway………

When I originally  purchased it I was going to use it as a blot powder to absorb any oil my skin produced throughout  the day. But, I decided to use it as a setting powder over my liquid foundation  and boy oh boy was that an excellent  choice.

My skin stayed matte and smooth the entire day! The color I chose was classic espresso and it matched me perfectly ( their colors are true).
I advise any woman of color to purchase this product and keep it on hand. It is a great for everyday use and you can put your more expensive  brands on the shelf for special occasions! I bought mine for about $10 (affordable & good quality)

Grab yours here👉 Black Opal oil absorbing  pressed powder

Know of any other awesome brands? Leave me a comment below!

Stay Fabulous